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Cell Phone number identification is difficult. Unlike the phone book there is no central source to locate the identity behind a cell phone number, which often gives the caller a sense of anonymity. Typically, cell phone numbers must be "mined,"  such as when you fill out an application on the Internet which is later sold to information brokers. From personal experience, I have found a lot of shady information providers who use bait and switch tactics to take your hard earned money and not give much in return. Some internet sites go as far as writing fake consumer reports to advertise their products.

One technique is to entice you with a small fee for a cell phone number reverse lookup only to be told  that the cell phone number is located in a certain city by a certain carrier - actually you can usually find sites that will give you that information for free. Then to receive the full number they want an additional fee costing upwards of $40. Lastly, you might get a name and address for the cell phone number but the information is outdated or incorrect. 

I'm proud to say that we as TLW Guardian Investigations are different. Our investigators will personally look up the number for you - no depersonalized automated system here. If we can't find the cell phone number then there is no charge to you! You can talk to us by phone or communicate to us by email - we give a personal touch to suite your needs and all work is done by a licensed Private Investigator Austin through TLW Guardian Investigations: A private investigation agency located in Austin Texas that specializes in family law who cares that you get the correct information. 

We charge one flat rate of $12.00 per reverse cell phone look-up. For $25, you give us the name of the person along with some identifying information such as an address, or age, or social security number, and our private investigator will give you the person's current cell phone number along with his friends' and relatives' phone numbers. We will give a discount for multiple lookups. You provide us the cell phone number before you pay. If we find the information you desire then we will notify you and then invoice you by Paypal or charge you by Visa.  After payment is received our private detective will provide the name and billing address the cell number is associated with. Again, if we are unable to find the information you desire then there is absolutely no charge to you!

Please keep in mind that Private investigator Austin can only give you the name and the billing address. If the billing is going to a Post Office Box then of course the information may be limited but would count as a look-up. Also, some cell phone numbers may be associated with more than one billing address, usually because someone else has had that same cell phone number in the past, but usually with a little more investigation our detective can figure out the person you are interested in. Additionally, it is sometimes possible to find an old or out of date cell phone number for those of you interested in a past or historical use of a particular number - this is a common request by clients and attorneys. 

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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup
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Private investigator austin
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